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DP World’s motto from day one is to provide accurate information in the fastest possible time period to our valued customers and always endeavors to fulfill the customers’ needs and requirements.
We are pleased to announce another milestone by DP World Karachi (QICT) wherein we have introduced for the convenience of our valued clients a Line Facilitation System (LFS) system the features of which are given below :-


Category of Query Department Contact Number E-Mail Address
Land Line & Extension Mobile
Shipping Line Customer Service +92-21-111 786 888
Extension 688-690 & 692
+92-301-8218618 QICT.SLFD@DPWorld.com
Grounding , Scanning, Examination & Weighment Help Desk +92-21-111 786 888
Extension 659 & 634
+92-301-8286495 QICT.HelpDesk@dpworld.com
Invoices & Charges Billing Desk +92-21-111 786 888
Extension 280, 260-261 & 275
+92-301-1183054 QICTBilling@dpworld.com
Rail Cargo Railway Desk +92-21-111 786 888
Extension 672, 707 & 656
+92-300-0541457 QICT.Railway@dpworld.com

General Public Options

Berthing Schedule

Container Inquiry

Container History

BL/Shipping Bill Inquiry

Calculate Invoice Amount

Clearing Agent Options (Registration Required)

Request Final Invoice

Request Weighment Slip (Container Wise)

Request Weighment Slip (BL Wise)

Gate Managment System

Shipping Line Options (Registration Required)